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Two-O Double Pleasure Ring

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You ask, and we listened! The Two-O lets the women show the men what all the screaming's about, with TWO powerful mini stimulators attached to a super-stretchy silicone ring. The top motor tingles her clit, while the bottom motor give him an intense buzzing sensation &ndash; and when both motors are going, unique pleasure knobs help turn his penis into a human vibrator! The Screaming O has doubled up on a good thing and given couples everywhere something to scream about TOGETHER!<ul><li>TWO intense vibrating stimulators, one for her and one for him! &ndash; A top clitoral vibrator works for her, and a second vibrator underneath gives him the attention he craves. Now couples can share the experience and cum together!</li><li>Top vibrating motor for tingling clitoral stimulation &ndash; A powerful mini bullet sends strong vibration sensations to the spot she needs it most. An easy on/off switch lets you turn it on and off as you please, and if it finishes before you do, just rotate the ring and use the second motor to take it home.</li><li>Bottom vibrating motor for thrilling sensations for him &ndash; A second powerful stimulator is positioned perfectly under the shaft to give him and &ldquo;the boys&rdquo; some special action. Let it buzz away, or save the battery and only switch it on for bursts of vibration that'll keep him on his toes.</li><li>Twin motors work together to turn his penis into a human vibrator &ndash; With both motors locked and loaded, the Two-O buzzes with twice the power and the pleasure ring's special pleasure bumps send the vibration throughout his entire member. Turn your man into a human sex toy!</li><li>Raised Pleasure Ticklers for Her &ndash; The Two-O's top vibrating motor has a series of raised pleasure ticklers that give her the exact clitoral stimulation she needs.</li></ul>

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