USA domestic stock Mipole 360 Professional Spinning Dance Pole


Mipole 360 Professional Spinning Dance Pole

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Portable and professional. Take your pole dancing to the next level with the new mipole 360. The mipole 360 has everything you need to pole dance almost anywhere! It is easy to install, easy to take down, and easy to carry any place you like! The pole is safe and professional, making it great for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Same sturdy design as the mipole with exciting new spinning feature. Dual Function: Spin OR Lock Mode. The innovative and reliable design of the mipole 360 allows the option to either spin or lock the pole in place depending on your dance moves. Switch easily to either mode within seconds by simply adjusting the base. <br /><br />Features: Spin or Stationary Mode, 50 mm Diameter Dance Pole, Portable with one person installation, No ceiling fixtures required, Installs quickly to ceilings from 7' 4" Up to 9', and Holds Up to 250 lbs.

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