USA domestic stock Afterglow Toy Tissues Multi Pack of 20


Afterglow Toy Tissues Multi Pack of 20

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AfterGlow toy/intimate wipes are the most convenient, guess proof and effective way to clean yourself, your partner and sex toys. So before and after sex, post yoga class cat wash, on a plane or camping, refresh and calm your skin. AfterGlow cleansing tissues for Intimate Fitness&trade; are your new best friend. AfterGlow toy/intimate cleansing tissues are pH balanced and soothingly gentle to clean, refresh and restore sensitive skin, and lengthen the life or your toys. AfterGlow Cleansing Tissues for Intimate Fitness&trade;<br /><br />Gentle and pH balanced for intimate skin&nbsp;<br />Cooling and calming on skin&nbsp;<br />Excellent at removing odor and lube from body and personal massagers&nbsp;<br />The most trusted and convenient way to clean any type of sex toy&nbsp;<br />Convenient strong tissue allows for a quick, effective cat wash&nbsp;<br />Offers a lint free clean&nbsp;<br />Scented with Bergamot essential oils &ndash; a natural deodorant&nbsp;<br />No parabens, alcohol, perfume, glycerine or dyes&nbsp;<br />Resealable pack contains 20 pre-moistened tissues&nbsp;<br />Loved by men and women

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